Throwback Thursday {House Edition}

This week, I'm sharing the before and after of the nursery. I think that Luke's room is the only room that is practically finished. There are a few little things left to do such as put up the curtains and organize his closet, but other than that, we think it's done (for now...wink). It's definitely a lot smaller than his first nursery, but it's just the right size for a little guy :)

Here's what his room liked like when we moved in:

And here's what it looks like now:

(this is the face I got when I pointed the camera at him. Ha!)

What we've done:
  • Removed carpet, staples, and tack strip
  • Painted the room in Benjamin Moore's Moonshine (a light blue/gray)
  • Put up artwork (including a print from the shop). I also am thinking about adding this one somewhere)
  • Hung up his mobile and a few pictures

I'm thankful that we have at least one room in this house that feels mostly finished! :) 

(See bathroom and bedroom posts here)

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  1. Maggie's room feels the most finished in our home too :) Love the grey changing table!


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