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I've been returning a bit to my bookworm self lately and thought I'd share some books that I've enjoyed lately :) I'd love you to comment with any recommendations since my library card is burning a hole in my pocket! If you want to know what they are each about, click the links below. I am just sharing my thoughts about them.

What Alice Forgot: Quirky, quick, and fun. This book was thought-proving and started up some great conversations with my husband. I loved how it was both entertaining and enlightening.

The Midwife: This was a solid book and I appreciated that it was a Christian novel without a lot of the cheesy factor--it was real, raw, and redemptive.

Where'd you go, Bernadette: Lots of people recommended this book to me, and I can see why. I loved the bit of suspense, vivid characters, and the just plain fun + original storyline.

The Forgotten Garden: This was an intriguing story that had me turning the pages to see how it all ended. It's definitely a drama--and quite deep (and a little sad), but the storytelling is fantastic and beautiful.

Orphan Train: This story really touched me and opened up a piece of American history that I didn't know about. I found it a hopeful story and one that will stick with me.

Sarah's Key: This was also a story that opened up a piece of history that I didn't know about. I enjoyed this book, but it might have a little melodramatic for me (but I'm not super sappy). However, it was definitely an interesting read.

What have you been reading lately? I'd love to know!

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Happy Tuesday!
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  1. Been reading some kids lit to stay caught up with my wonderful students! Wonder by Patricia Polacco is a good read. Helps you see how life is from the perspective of someone who's not quite "normal." The One and Only Ivan is also a quick read with good characters. A bit animal rights-ish, but not in your face.

    For adult lit... finishing up One Way Love by Tullian his-last-name-is-too-hard-too-remember. Haha. Google it and you'll see why. Once I finish that, gonna be reading 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker. I'll let you know how it was when I finish it.

    OH! And I read "A Tale of Three Kings" in about two hours while waiting for a flight to DC in the Brussels airport. Fabulous, quick read. Read it a week ago and I'm still reflecting on the themes presented in the book and how they apply to my life.

    None of those adult books are fictional novels, which seem to be your taste, but they're still good!

  2. Been loving Jojo Moyes' books - Me Before You and Thr Girl You Left Behind. Both great!! Love your recommendations; thanks for sharing!


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