Life Lately

Uffda. Life has been filled to the brim lately. Some of it has been absolutely fantastic and some has been way not-so-fun ;)

But, that's how life generally is, right?

Life has been filled with:

  • Summer evenings in the pool or playing with the water table. Our yard is just so lovely when the sun is setting, so I absolutely love to enjoy it in the evening (even in the muggy, hot weather!)
  • Taking a day to rest. After two solid weeks of house project after house project, I took a day to do nothing but read or whatever I wanted. It was the best decision I could have made. It's amazing at how renewed you can feel after just a day of nothing!
  • Luke got his first haircut. Um. Did not go well :( But it's done! 
  • Also, having Mac around during meal times is extra fun (wink) because Luke loves feeding him. But one day Mac barked at him and bawling ensued for about five minutes. 
  • I'm loving having a window above the sink--it makes doing the dishes just a little less mundane. 
  • We still have a lot of boxes to unpack (like most of them!), but it's been fun to unpack little by little and have fun decorating in the process.
  • Kid + food + vinyl floors from the 60s. And, yes, we are still eating on our patio table. Hopefully, we'll have a table soon.
  • Lots of baths. He loves baths and also doing his business while taking a bath (so, that's always fun! ha!)
  • Everyone takes selfies with their dogs, right? In other news, we think we have a very good candidate for Mac's new family. Even though it's been sweet to have Mac around, we still think that it's in everyone's best interest if he finds new digs :) He's adorable, but the issues that were happening before haven't changed.
  • Popcorn + Friday = fun for all. 

What have you guys been up to? Anything fun?

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