July Goals

Isn't this the most beautiful picture you ever saw? I know, right?

Crazy thing, it pretty much still looks like this ;)

So, let's start with recapping the simple goals I had for June:

Read two books. done. Can't complain about this goal--reading is always so refreshing for me :) I've read a number of really good books lately and hope to share more about them soon.

Finish Luke's 1st year book. done. I am actually surprised that I did this. But, there was a good deal going on, so I was motivated to finish it by the end of the sale. I ordered it through MyPublisher and am really pleased with the album.

Drink a green smoothie each day. um. I kinda did this. I started out well, but it sizzled out a bit in the middle of the month. Mostly--because I was so busy that our fridge wasn't super well-stocked with good, green options. Oh well.

Honestly, June was crazy! We bought a house, painted 90% of the interior, cleaned (for days!), pulled out carpet and hundreds of staples, took off a shower door (and all the glue!), moved out of our temporary living arrangement, cleaned that, and did all those things you do when you move...like wonder why in the world you have so much stuff!

So, my July goals are a little more low key. Even though I want to do house projects and stuff, I have to remind myself that settling into a home takes time. And it's just fine if the quarter round needs to be installed or you still have five sets of curtains to hang :)

Here are this month's goals:

Make a house project list. Right now, it's easy to be overwhelmed with all the little projects that need to be done (like clean windows, paint the hallway, remove mirrors, hang up stuff). So, I want to sit down with Josh and make a master list that we can tackle with time.

Take time to really evaluate the print shop. Do I want to start offering hard copies? Do I want to extend it beyond printables? Do I want to shut it down and do something else? I need to take a step back and define my goals and purpose.

Read two books. I liked this goal--so it's going on this month's list too :)

Go on a baby-free date with Josh. Is it bad that I don't remember the last time that Josh and I went on a date without Luke? Maybe Valentine's day?

Outline a super secret idea and see about making it happen. I had an idea in the middle of the chaos a few weeks ago and haven't had time to really think about it. But, I'm not spilling the beans quite yet ;)

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  1. great goals! especially the date night one - we try to go out once a month. i'd love to do it more but with a baby - this is what's doable right now! and we're moving back into our house in the fall that needs some TLC - i'll be ripping out staples & painting in a bit too :) (p.s. this is my second time trying to comment - not sure where the first one went?!)


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