Big News!!

Okay, okay.

Maybe it's not as big as "I'm pregnant" or "we're adopting" or "we bought a house" or "you can lose 20 lbs by eating bacon"

Want to know what it is?

Well, as of today, we are offering real, hard copy, shipped-to-your-door prints in the shop. Right now, there are only 11 options for hard copy prints, but they are the 11 favorites (the ones people peek at, favorite, pin, and like).

After listening to some business advice and contemplating the risk involved, I realized that it was worth a go to offer hard copies. Sometimes I swat away risk because I'm afraid of getting let down if things don't work the way I think they should. But you have to walk forward if you want to go somewhere, right? At least you'll be somewhere new instead of the same place you've always been (even if the landscape looks different than you expected!)

So, now, the shop has both--prints shipped to you and printables too. So, if you've wanted a print for a while, here's your chance to have one shipped right to your door--no need to fuss with printing it at home or sending it to a print shop :) And there are still printables in the shop too if you prefer to pay a little less and have it sent right to your digital mailbox.

Also, note to self, put on some snazzy nail polish and perhaps some makeup before shooting products. Keeping it real, right? ;)

Check out this page to see which 11 made the I'm-on-the-favorite list and get free shipping until the end of July with the code: SHIP4FREE

Happy Monday!

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