While the Kid is Napping (links and such)

I'm squeezing in a quick post while the kid naps--a little "this and that" filled with some PSA's and links/things I'm loving lately :) Speaking of that kid, I've just finished his photo book, so I've been a little sentimental looking back...seriously, how do they grow so fast! This is Luke about a year ago:

First of all, I just added a few new prints to the shop. I am loving the boldness of this one and also the fun + whimsy of this one. I'd love for you to take a peek at them.

Next, question of the day: are you more likely to buy an instant download and print it on your own (for a cheaper price tag) or do you prefer to spend a little more to get a hard copy print zipped to your door?

Just askin' ;)

Next topic: ice cream. So, Josh got me an ice cream maker for my birthday and I am.loving.it. Especially with the onset of summer, you can't help but love fresh ice cream! I just tried this recipe for coconut ice cream. The texture didn't turn out quite right (user error, I think), but the taste is fantastic! Do you have any favorite ice cream recipes?

Since we are (hopefully, hopefully, hopefully!) closing on our little home in 2 days (yikes!), I've been pinning like crazy. I am pretty in love with this kitchen and this little set of notecards for easy kitchen artwork (seriously, so cute!) I can't wait to get my hands dirty and paint on the walls! And I can't wait to give you guys a sneak peek too :) But, believe me, you'll have to look past the fact that it's stuck in 1968.

In other news, I just finished The Midwife (thanks to Elisha's suggestion) and really enjoyed it. Something that I often dislike about Christian fiction is that the cheese factor is often more than I can handle, so I really appreciated the depth and character development of this novel. It really is a good read :)

What are you guys up to today? Any good reads you want to share? Or tips about how to stay sane during big DIY house projects?

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  1. I'd like a hard copy print, and I got the Ben & Jerry's ice cream cookbook when I got my ice cream maker. LOVE.

  2. So exciting about your new house!


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