June Goals

Seriously, is it really June? Goodness, this year is speeding by! It's time to make those monthly goals again, and I am seriously excited for June. Did I tell you that we are closing on a house on the 12th? A house with orange carpet that needs some TLC? It's a petite little house, stuck in the 60's, but we are excited to give it some love! That said, June will be a wee bit crazy between house projects and moving (again!), so I'm going to keep the list simple this month.

But, let's start with last month and see how I did:

Turn off technology at nine. I did this most of the time. Honestly, I wasn't as diligent as I was in April, but I still held to it most of the time. Even though this won't make the official list on June, this is definitely a new habit! Have any of you given your technology a bedtime?

Have a garage sale: Yep. We did. Just a word of advice: don't have a garage sale on the same day you move. Just sayin'.

Move every day. I would say I did this 80% of time. I didn't keep official track but between hauling boxes, walks to the park, and pilates, I think I squeezed in moving my body most days.

Spend time in the Word before social media. Total fail. Here's why: it became a rule. The intention was good--I wanted to stop plastering my phone into my face first thing in the morning and spend more time in the Word. However, I started to hustle through reading the Bible (or just read something quick), so that I could check my social media/email, etc. After a few mornings of doing that, I decided that this wasn't working. So, I'm back at the drawing board at how to change that. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

So, onto June's goals:

Read two books. I recently got a few new books and am excited to read them. I'm a quick reader, so this goal is doable and will give me some less technology-focused time.

Finish Luke's 1st year book. I really don't like this project hanging in the balance, so I want to finish it as soon as possible. It's definitely time-consuming, but if I chisel away at it, I think it's very possible to finish by the end of June.

Drink a green smoothie every day. So, guess what? Moving + life change + out of routineness = poor eating choices and tight pants. And since I know that June will also be filled with lots of changes + things to do, I want to be sure that I am still intentional with my eating choices. Plus, drinking some yummy and healthy smoothies will give me the energy I need to do all the house projects coming my way.

That's it. Three main goals that are unrelated to our moving/project list. So, if you have any fantastic green smoothie recipes, send them my way!!


  1. I am all for keeping it simple! Also love me some good books! Have a great June!

  2. My green smoothies are always super simple. Almond milk, half a banana, a few handfuls of greens, a spoonful of nut butter, dash of cinnamon. Sometimes hemp powder. Simple things we always have on hand -- no excuse to not drink it :)

    Since I started working outside the home in January, I've found it much easier to ignore screens until I get to work. That gives me time for a run [technically I do have a phone with me out there, but it's just for music!], Bible & coffee time, and time to get ready, then I check social media quickly once I get to work. I found when I was checking social media in the mornings, I could easily get caught up in that bermuda triangle of checking instagram, twitter, facebook, and back again, that I would stay in bed glued to my phone and have barely enough time to get ready in time to get to work. I can easily get caught up reading too, but that just means I get up a bit earlier the next day, and at the very least I'm thinking about picking up where I left off in my Bible ... not the worst problem!

  3. Love your goals! Especially the technology bedtime! We have tried doing from 4-7pm (when our girl goes to bed) but have mostly failed! boo! This is giving me new inspiration though! Happy to find you through the Goals link up today! :)

  4. Great goals!

    Here is my favorite green smoothie:

    1 cup rolled oats, 1 cup milk
    Blender those first, then add:
    2 bananas
    1 cup spinich (or so, I never actually measure)
    1 cup peaches or mangos
    1 Tbsp honey
    1 tsp vanilla
    Healthies, as we like to call them in our house! Chia seed, flax seeds, etc.

  5. Love green smoothies! I shared my tips here - http://www.andbabiesdontkeep.com/the-perfect-smoothie-ratio/
    but the trick is (in my opinion) to blend the greens and liquid first. Then add the fruit. I usually just do a cup of kale or spinach and a cup of water, blend, then add a cup of whatever fruit we have. sometimes I'll add flax seed or wheat germ or protein powder or a spoonful of yogurt but I don't think it's needs it, so I try to keep it as straightforward as possible!

  6. ooo we have a lot of the same goals...i'll have to come back in 30 days and keep you accountable ;)
    -i'm aiming to go phone-free after 9pm. if i'm writing on my computer, that's fine; but i have an awful habit about just wasting time on my phone til it's time to sleep. or postponing sleep. which i really need.
    -you'll have to share ideas for your 1 year book. right now i'm writing letters to declan and taking photos every month - i think it will make his first year book easier, because it will all be written/photographed, i just have to put it all together!
    -i've started a devo plan to read through the Bible on YouVersion on my phone. so I try to do that during nursing times before i get on social media. i have the same habit as you - grab my phone and start browsing as a way to wake up.

  7. I have the exact same problem in the morning - if I check one social media app, I have to check them all...then I feel the need to start answering emails, editing photos, etc...when I know God is calling me to spend time with Him!

    I don't have any new advice for that, but just know you're not alone - we can find the strength to ignore our phones in the morning and stay in the Word! I'm beginning to pray before I get out of bed to remember what's best for my body, mind, and soul (and you can bet it's not lovely pins on Pinterest ;-) ) Good luck!

  8. Your goals are great - love the smoothie comments!

    Came over from hayley's blog

  9. HI! I've tried the whole "Spend time in the Word before social media" or "Spend time in the Word first thing in the morning" and it hasn't worked for me in the past either. Maybe a few days, then I stopped. While I think it's awesome if you continue with this goal, for myself I've decided not to put so much pressure on myself. I think the important thing is to spend time in the Word/with God period. It doesn't necessarily have to be at a set time. Maybe some days you do it in the morning, maybe sometimes at night. Maybe in the middle of your day. Maybe you check twitter first then do it. Whenever it is, God sees it and he knows that you have a heart that's still seeking him. That's beautiful, and that's what's important. Just like the Word says to pray without ceasing, communing with God and spending time in his word is something that can happen continually throughout the day, at any time, whenever. It doesn't have to be at a set time. Maybe you don't get around to reading a certain length of scripture for a certain amount of time. I've put that pressure on myself before, and it's left me feeling unworthy, like I was missing the mark but that doesn't change God's love for you. I believe he just wants a heart that seeks him, period. But good luck with this! and if you find something that works I'd be interested. btw I don't mean to sound preachy, as I write this I feel like I'm writing it for myself as much as anyone else...and here's an idea, maybe there's some kind of way to have different scripture on your phone every time you pick it up? scripture morning app or something? idk. or different screensavers on your computer/scripture slide show? Even if you don't read the Word right away, having it around your home in places you know you'll see it early in your day may help (if you don't already), like a cue that will motivate you to read more?

    visiting from goals with grace :-)

    Ele @ InspirationEle


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