Sunshine, Snails, and Smiles

Now that we are all moved into our temporary home for the next 4 weeks, it feels like I can finally take a moment to really stop, rest, and, well, even blog :)

This post is basically pictures and memories squeezed into one place. Even though life has been full of all kinds of nitty gritty (like packing boxes and signing loan paperwork), it's also been full of sunshine, spring days, family outings, and lots of other good things!

It's been filled with:

  • lazy sunshine-filled afternoons and Guatemalan quilts
  • eating on the porch
  • water buckets and bubbles
  • doing the #pilatessummerseries with Robin
  • just hanging
  • getting my first Better Life Bag (I absolutely adore it!)
  • unpacking boxes that were just packed ;)
  • smiling on Mother's Day
  • trying to eat a snail (I found this little snail crawling on our counter. Yuck! And just a bit before I actually took a snail out of Luke's mouth...gag). 
  • having our first garage sale
  • choosing paint colors (help me! What are your favorite colors?)
  • enjoying the park with my boys
  • making messes with popsicles :) 

Just a little glimpse into our life lately :)

What have you been up to this summer/spring?


  1. The snails! So weird and funny- I was like... is that a snail? I love your BLB. I've wanted one for a while now- So many fun combinations and a great cause too. OK paint colors! I just went through the same thing... what types of colors are you looking for? I really love my kitchen color- Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore. Much more of a green than blue but just so great. If you want a warm gray- I like Cumulus cloud by Benjamin Moore. My mom just painted her living room that color and it looks so great. I've also used Vale Mist by BM and it was a nice semi-neutral color.


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