Mother's Day

This year's Mother's Day was sweet, relaxed, and simply lovely. It was full of kind words, baby smiles, and getting loved on.

Even though it didn't include huge bouquets of flowers, big gifts, etc., it was a day that ended with me with feeling appreciated and thankful.

Last year, it didn't quite work that way. Since last year was my first Mother's Day, I had my expectation list a mile long and huge hopes of all the day would bring. Not only that, I had just had a baby about three weeks before, so I was very hormonal, tired, and probably a little irrational ;)

That day ended with tears, frustration, and feeling defeated.

So, this year I decided that Mother's Day was going to be different. I put my expectations away, appreciated the little ways that Josh showed me that I was loved as a mother, and enjoyed the greatest gift of motherhood--my son.

It's funny how a seemingly tiny shift of expectations altered my entire perspective throughout the day.

If you are a momma, how was your Mother's Day?
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  1. Glad you had a good Mother's Day this year. So true about how our expectations/attitude can alter a situation for better or worse! My day was lovely- we drove to the beach and the weather was just beautiful for the Oregon coast (warm and sunny). I enjoyed watching my boys play in the sand and we let the icy water tickle our toes also :) We only go once or twice a year so it was a treat!

  2. Oh man, can I relate. Expectations and Mother's Day are tough. So glad to hear you had a lovely day!


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