Life is Chaotic and God is Good.

Right now, I'm quite literally surrounded by piles and piles of stuff. This Saturday we are having a garage sale and moving all our stuff into an apartment (which is a story in itself of how God provided a place for us to go while we keep on during the house buying process!).

I'm not sure whether that's a good decision or a crazy one!

So, while I should be packing boxes, cleaning, or doing something productive, I'm writing up a blog post, eating cold pizza, and drinking my second cup of coffee.

I may or may not be in denial that we are moving in five(ish) days.

Honestly, life feels chaotic and messy right now. But, in a way, it feels good to have life rubbing into us in ways we didn't expect. Why? Because when all those expectations get washed away, we can see the way that God has carved out for us--not the one we chopped up into pieces.

We expected to be moving into a house (last week!) and instead we are still looking for a house.

This reminds us of God's timing.

We expected that we would be without a home come May 19th. Instead, we have friends who needed a someone to sublease their apartment at the exact same time that we need a place to stay.

This demonstrates God's provision for all of us.

I expected that I could control all of this house business--that I could figure it all out. Instead, I am learning (for the billionth time) that life doesn't quite work that way.

This teaches me to pray for wisdom, guidance, and contentment--to trust that Jesus really is all I need and stand firm in that. No house, perfect plan, etc. can bring true peace and contentment into my life.

These past few weeks haven't been easy on my soul--but they've been good. They've dug up some stuff in my heart (such as feeling entitled to having my plan work out or not feeling content with what we can afford). Now that the stuff is standing naked out there, I gotta deal with it. Thankfully, God is patient, loving, a full of grace. And He's gentle.

Oh, ever so gentle with me. I'm so often amazed by the way His truth comes delivered in a way that is gracious and kind and quiet--even when life is chaotic and loud and messy.

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  1. I hope the move goes smoothly for you and that God provides the perfect home for you soon.

    1. I should say- the BEST home for you at this time- not the perfect home because that would be heaven I guess! :)


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