Baby Luke: 12 Months

As I took these pictures yesterday, I had a bit of how-is-this-kid-really-almost-13-months-old? moment. Seriously, it feels like I just took his 1 month pictures!

Stats, little somethings, and such:

  • This kid is walking. Probably about a week ago he really started to try to go more than 2-5 steps. Now, he's cruising (kinda like a zombie, but we'll take it!) and it's fun watching him enjoy his new trick.
  • He's learned how to sign "please," and it's just adorable. 
  • He is getting some new teeth, so he sticks his tongue out all.the.time. That's why he's got a super lovely spot under his lip. 
  • He had his first ever ear infection the week after he turned one. It was absolutely no fun for him or us. 
  • Even when I sit down to play with him, he's super content to play on his own (he usually ignores me!) and loves to wander around, explore, and blubber out lots of sounds. It's pretty cute :) 
  • His new favorite cereal is LIFE. When I take out the box, he starts to wave his arms with excitement and starts grunting--it's actually quite funny!
  • He's a very very impatient eater. If there is no food on his tray, he will cry/groan/fuss very loudly until he gets something. So, we are working on some hand signs to help curb this because frankly it drives me nuts! 
  • He still naps like a champ. We usually get two 1.5 hour long naps in one day, so I think I might be spoiled with a good sleeper ;) 
  • Gosh, I love my little guy and it's such a delight to watch him grow up! I'm so excited to see what this year holds :) 

A few more pics :) 

(he's working on his serious pose!)


  1. What a cute one year old! I can see how him whining for more food would get annoying but at least he is a good eater!! I would take that over my two boys who think that anything on earth is better than sitting down for a meal (unless it's ice cream!). They aren't really picky or anything- just would rather do other things. My babies never got adorable chubby cheeks or lovely leg rolls like your little one does :)

  2. His hair is getting so long! What a cutie patootie! I swear, when my daughter signs "please' I would pretty much give her anything. luckily, all she knows to ask for is more food ;)


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