The Blog is Quiet, but Life is Loud

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It's been a little quiet over here on the blog--just a few posts during these last few weeks.

Life, on the other hand, has been loud and filling up my brain!

Mostly, the house-buying process has been sucking up all my thinking space. Often, when life gets out of routine and busy, my blog (and creativity!) takes the sideline.

We were under contract for a home last week. But, after really thinking, praying, and looking at all the numbers, we decided to pull out during our 10-day option period. It was hard to move forward and then pull back.

But, you know, I never felt quite right about that house. It met our needs, but I couldn't shake the feeling that we shouldn't buy it.

So, this weekend we put on our house searching pants back on and stomped back into the game. Yesterday, we toured a small house stuck in 1960 (orange carpet and all), but there was something about it that we liked. It was actually the first house that we both really, really liked. It met our "must-haves" (which, for me, was pretty much just having a dishwasher!) and then some. Plus, the price tag is a number that will allow us to do improvements as well as whittle down our debt. I would rather live in a smaller, not-so-perfect home than live in my dream house and be house poor.

Now, we wait to hear back. Will they accept our offer? Will they be willing to negotiate? We'll see!

In the meantime, I'll start thinking about packing (and avoiding it), drinking too much coffee, and trying to find creativity and motivation.

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. Exciting times, friend!! A new home, so many fun possibilities :). I'm SO glad y'all were able to avoid signing on the home y'all were unsure about. And yeah, I'm the same way - when life gets full, I don't really know how to live well and also blog.


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