Our Quick Visit to Minnesota: Celebrating Luke turning ONE!

We decided to hop up to Minnesota to celebrate Luke's first birthday and get some family time in too :) It was a quick trip--just Thursday to Sunday morning, but it was full of fun!

We hit up the Como Zoo with my brother, sister-in-law, my parents, and our adorable niece (who is just four months younger than Luke)! It was still a little chilly, but the zoo was practically empty and the babies loved the animals.

Luke was probably more interested in tapping the glass and looking at things other than the animals (future engineer?), but he still had fun!

After a full day of traveling and visiting animals, we drove back to my hometown (about two hours from Minneapolis). I was definitely ready for bed that night!!

The next few days were spent relaxing, watching the cousins play (more like watching Luke become a toy hog and steal toys from his cousin), and just enjoying family. Especially for me, it was nice to get away from the day-to-day here and get my mind off of house hunting, thinking about packing, and talking about house loans.

On Saturday, we celebrated Luke's birthday. It was ridiculously simple (can I just say that I am not a big, fancy party planner!), but still sweet. I wish that we could've had a big celebration with both sides of them family and friends, but with family in separate states, it just wasn't possible. We will celebrate with Josh's family soon--so Luke will probably get two cakes (lucky boy!)

Luke enjoyed opening up gifts, playing with his birthday balloons, and trying out his cake! He didn't dig into his cake like I expected, but he still got in a few yummy bites :)

The day ended with a trip to the park--it was the perfect way to wrap up our mini-vacation to Minnesota.

On Easter Sunday, we headed back to Texas. It was good to get home (especially since our sweet boy wasn't feeling too hot), but celebrating Luke's birthday in Minnesota was definitely full of fun + memory making :)


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