Life Lately

 (poor ducky!)

Do you ever feel like life is moving forward, but you are just stuck?

Lately, that's how I've felt lately--just like I'm unsure of where to go + feel a bit unmotivated. Perhaps it's because we are moving soon and still unsure of where we are moving to...yikes!

Long story short: we've been under contract for two separate homes now, but both times a major expense came up and we had to terminate the contract during our option period. It's frustrating to get excited about a home, but then deal with stubborn sellers or realize that the price point + repairs needed would over-extend your pocket book.

That said, we are currently in the "countering" period with a home that I really adore (actually, it's the house we love the most out of any homes we've seen in the past two months that we've been looking). But, we are waiting to hear back from the seller because they are looking into some repair costs that need to be done. Can I tell you how anxious I am that someone else will swoop in with a better offer? Or how much I'm trying to not get too excited? But it's soooo hard...

I've been praying that we find a house that has space for hosting parties, showers, and just being a place where I learn how to better love and serve others with our house. When I walked into this house, I could just see how perfect it would be for bringing people into our home--that's one of the biggest reasons why I am so hopeful for this home :) But in the end, I know that it's the act of inviting people in, not the house itself, that brings people into your home. So, I know that wherever we end up, our home can be a place where people are welcomed!

Plus, in addition to the yoyo emotions of house searching, Luke has been feeling under the weather since Sunday night. It's such a bummer to watch your baby struggle through not feeling well and not being able to do too much for them. We found out yesterday that he has an ear infection, so hopefully with some antibiotics, he'll be feeling better soon. He's been taking it easy and sleeping lots. When he's not sleeping, he wants to be cuddled (which I don't mind!) He also likes to wipe his snot all over my shirt, but you know, I think that's a rite of passage in motherhood! Another rite of passage I've covered these past weeks are cleaning up poop and vomit out of the bathtub (fun stuff, right! haha!)

Yet, in the midst of these downers, there are sweet spots (like eating Chick-fil-a in the car while the baby sleeps) and enjoying some of the lovely spring weather. Plus, I think that weeks like this one are good reminder to go to God for hope, joy, and strength--not try to do it all alone or believe that I can control all the balls in the air. Honestly, I need weeks like this to humble me and give me perspective :)

So, even when I feel stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed, I know that I can go to Jesus with all of it. I can gush it all to That is so amazing to me!--that He sticks with me through every moment--the good + the ugly ones.

Do you guys have any verses/inspiration that encourage you when you are feeling stuck or like life just isn't going the way you expected/hoped? I'd love to hear them :)


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