Ditching the Diaper Bag

About a month ago, I had to let my diaper bag go.

I told it, "Ya, know. You've worked hard. You're cute and I like you. It's just not working any more. Wait for another year or so and you might be able to come back."

Now, it's in the corner sulking and waiting for the next baby-who-needs-all-the-things to come along.

And now I've got "The Backpack" working for me--honestly, why did I not ditch the diaper bag sooner?

I love how it's more compact, easier to carry, less full of stuff, and simpler. It just works.

What travels with me in this little backpack:

  • a few diapers and wipes
  • a changing pad and ointment
  • one to two books
  • a toy or two
  • a paci
  • a change of clothing (or two--depending on how long we'll be out)
  • sunblock
  • some extras I throw in there for a day out: snacks, another paci, a hat, water, etc.

The best part: I spent three bucks for this backpack. However, there are lots of other cuter options out there that I might grab one of these days. This one from Everlane is a favorite, but for now, what we have is working :)

Any other moms out there use a backpack to haul their kids stuff? It was seriously a game changer for me!

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  1. That Everlane bag is one that I'm considering for a diaper bag for us! So many options -- but I love the backpack feel :)

  2. Yes! The diaper bag and I have never been friends and I stopped using it as soon as I could with my two boys. I was at a small local theme park the other day and I saw a mom with a backpack on and it was like a light bulb moment for me- why had I never thought of that?! SO much easier to carry around especially if a little one still needs to be carried a bit. Anyway- thanks for the reminder!


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