Baby Luke: 11 Months

Next week, Luke turns one.

Seriously. I can't believe how fast our little guy grew.

Yes, I know. I'm just now doing his 11 month update when he's just days shy of 12 months.

Oh well.

Also, I only got one picture of him holding his cute sign. Apparently, he's over that charade!

So, here are some stats, little somethings, and such:

  • He is busy, busy, busy. And SOOOO close to walking. He's dared a few steps from one object to the next, but typically crawls if it seems too far. But, he's also discovered the toilet, garbage can, and dog kennel--so, we've been trying to help him discover other fun things ;)
  • He's starting to sign "all done" when he's had enough food. It's more like a sloppy hand wave, but we'll take it! He'll also wave bye to people and play peek-a-boo with them.
  • Yep. His hair cut still looks bad. Why did I ever think that it would be a good idea to give my son a DIY hair cut?
  • He's training to become the next escape-the-changing-table champion. Seriously, he's so wiggly, fussy, annoyed, and stubborn during diaper changes. He is NOT a fan.
  • Two new teeth popped out during the last two weeks. Sooo...there have been a number of crabby, sniffly, whiney days around here. No fun for us or him :(
  • He loves to say "mmmmaaaammmamm" and "dddaaaaddddd." I also think he tries to say "dog" because he goes "daaak, daaak, daaak"
  • He's quite the little ham. We love seeing his new faces (my favorite is when he smiles and squints his cute!) and new mannerisms. It is so amazing to watch him learn, grow, and explore. I'm so thankful to be his momma!

Some more pictures for fun :)


  1. AH! Time sure flies!! How did 1 year go by so quickly!?! Christian will be 1 next month! :( Luke is seriously such a cutie and reminds me so much of Christian! His haircut looks great by the way! I did a DIY haircut with Christian too...we ended up getting a real haircut lol


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