When There is a Bed in Your Living Room

I'm not sure when the romance began, but one mold spore said to another mold spore, let's populate and make this lovely, warm wall behind a cute headboard our home.

And they sure got busy ;)

The other week, I noticed a few little mold spots on the window sill next to our bed (which is pretty normal in an older home without double-paned windows) and cleaned them up. But, when I noticed a few more, I decided to move our headboard to clean better.

And that's when I disovered a whole lot more mold than I ever wanted to see. All right behind our head. Soooo gross!

Once I saw it, I couldn't sleep in our room, so we moved our bed to the living room. Thankfully, we rent so we won't have to pay to fix whatever damage the mold has done. We still don't know the extent of it, so we are unsure if it will need quick or extensive repairs. But, for a few days now, we've been camped out in our living room. And we'll probably be here for a few more.

I've been thinking about how it's a little ironic that one of my goals for this month was to make my bed every day. Do I still make my bed when it's sitting in my living room?

It's funny how a little thing like a mold colony behind your headboard reminds me that I can't put my life into a neat package and say "I will do A, B, C and then X, Y, Z will happen." We can make goals, set priorities, and work towards those things. But, we can't always just tidy up the uncontrollable pieces of life or make them disappear. Often, we have to adjust our goals, see a new perspective, and live with open hands.

You know, I'm not super thrilled about having our bed in the living room. But, we can make it into a little life adventure and just go with it. And I think that's the philosophy I want over my whole life--to live in the expected and find little joys in it instead of fight it and let it defeat me.

How about you? Any unexpected things happening to you lately?

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  1. Amen to the unexpected things! I just wish I had time + energy to write them all down. For the last month, our house seems to be one thing after another. Oy. So we've tried to just embrace each challenge/setback.
    Even yesterday when I had driven 70+ miles (home to childcare to work to childcare and back home) and realized I forgot my pump at work and had to go back for it, I was so thankful for M's sweet attitude. She was just chatting away in her car seat. I'm so thankful for her easy-going nature!

  2. Ugh! So not fun- we get mold so much here in Oregon...I've been surprised by it a few times myself especially in our last place. We didn't want to buy a dehumidifier so my husband found this cheesy sounding product but it actually really seemed to help. It's called "Dri-Z-Air"- you can find it on Amazon.


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