Monday, March 3, 2014

Want a Free Print?

One of my March goals is to get the shop's marketing momentum going--and one of the ways that I plan on doing that is getting you guys involved through what I am dubbing the print + promote exchange.

It's so simple really. You get a free print + choose two ways to share about it on social media during the month of March. That's it. Plus, if you shoot a stellar photo of the way you are using your print, and I want to share it/use it, I'll give you another print just because. How does that sound? Check out all the options in the shop + see if any catch your eye :)

I've got spots open for 20-25 people to join me. If you are interested, comment with your email and I'll send you more info or you can email me too!

Happy Monday!

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    I would be interested on sharing on social media.

  2. I would love to! How awesome for you Nicole! Hope all is well girl. :)

    Barbie F.

    beforeverlovely AT gmail DOT com

  3. I would be interested too!!

  4. - i would love to promote you!!

  5. -- Wonderful idea!!

  6. Love this!

  7. Hi! I'm brand new to your blog & would love to participate! My email is

    Thanks so much,