Baby Luke: 10 Months

 So...yet again, I'm doing his ten month update just days away from him turning 11 months. Oh well! I give up :)

This month has been so ridiculously fun! He's starting to make more sounds, interact more, recognize more, and move more too!

Stats, little somethings, and such:

  • He finally figured out how to crawl, and boy does he love it! He is now our little busy boy and loves exploring. He has also taken a few steps on his own, so I think walking may be in the near future. He also has discovered how much fun it is to pull up on everything--it's not as much fun for this momma ;)
  • He is still a champion eater--I'm sure that kid would eat and eat all day long if we let him! 
  • His hair still looks bad from my sad attempt at cutting it. Live and learn, right?
  • It's so fun to see his personality develop--he's sweet, calm, generous with his smiles after a little warming up, relaxed, and determined. He's also quick to learn how to communicate what he wants.
  • He's also learning how to put out his arms and let you know that he wants you to hold him or pick him up. And, gosh, it melts my heart when he reaches for me!
  • His upper teeth have finally popped out--thank goodness! It seems that he's been a lot less restless at night and is also taking longer naps during the day. 
  • His favorite game is called "throw the pacifier out of the crib, jump up and down, avoid nap, and have a blast doing it." He plays this game at least one hour a day ;)
  • Even though it's a whole new ball game with a mobile baby, I'm really loving this age (and, yes, I say that every month!) and just adore watching him learn, explore, and take life in. I'm so thankful to be his momma!
A few more pics for fun :)

Happy Monday!


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