A Very Golden Birthday

Celebrating my golden birthday over this past weekend was a much needed refresher and sweet time away with my little family.

Honestly, it was so perfect! Plus, it reminded me of the importance of taking time away (even if it's just for night!) with my family. These past few weeks have been filled with extra stress, big decisions, some discouragement, and adjustments. So, this little trip was a lovely way to celebrate my golden birthday and peel ourselves away from "real life" for just a bit!

We started out with a trip to Starbucks--of course :)

Then, we headed to IKEA in Houston. Since we are (hopefully!) buying a home in the next month, it was fun to collect ideas, get inspiration, and dream a little about owning our first home :)

After IKEA, Josh zipped us off to a sushi restaurant. I didn't go in since Luke was snoozing in the car, but he picked out some sushi for us. Can you believe that this was the first time I had ever tried sushi?? Here's me trying it out :)

After our little side trip, we got settled into our hotel for the weekend--the Houstonian. I got a super sweet deal on Hotwire for this hotel, and it was so fun to stay in a fancy hotel. I totally recommend this place if you are ever visiting Houston :) We enjoyed our woodsy view, cozy beds, and walking along the beautiful grounds.

Then, Josh had a few "secret" errands to run, so he grabbed Luke and they left me alone to have some time to myself and watch HGTV. I didn't complain ;)

They came back with a cake full of blazing candles (which I'm pretty sure is not allowed...oops!) and sang happy birthday to me. So sweet! Later, I got to open a few sweet presents from my boys.

Then, it was time for Luke's bath; he's seriously turning into such a fish! He loved splashing away in a big, hotel tub (the hotel even provided a little ducky and shampoo for him!) After his bath, we, of course, had to get in some silly faces!

Josh left (again!) to grab us some take-out, and I rocked (well, tried to) Luke to sleep. Usually, we don't rock him, but sometimes it's hard for him to sleep in new places. He still didn't fall asleep in my arms--but he was super cuddly and sleepy on my shoulder. Honestly, it was a perfect little ending with my time for Luke that day--so incredible for me to think that last year he was kicking in my belly, but now, he's a a busy boy full of love, slobber, snuggles, and sweetness!

Josh got back, and we had some quiet time to relax, watch TV, and eat junk food before getting a good night's sleep on a cozy hotel bed :)

The next morning, we headed out to breakfast at a little french pastry restaurant. Since it was so nice out, we ate outside and just soaked in the morning. We got our fill of coffee and breakfast--plus lots of sunshine. It was such a lovely morning!

After breakfast, we took Luke for his first swim in the pool--of course, he had a ball. He was kicking his little legs, smiling, splashing with his arms, and just having a grand old time! But, it was getting close to check-out time, so we had to get back and pack up.

After checking out (which I was a little sad to do!), we headed home--talking + laughing on our way home. And I am still reflecting on how it was such an amazing weekend and how blessed I am to have a hubby who cherishes me and a son who brings delight into my life.

My golden birthday was definitely a birthday I'll remember :)


  1. That sounds like an excellent birthday weekend! I'm so happy for you :)

  2. Wow! What a fun weekend :) I'm glad your long awaited golden birthday was one to remember!


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