A Simple Baby and Momma Meal: Avocado Pasta

My kid loves to eat. And he's not the most super patient little guy when he's waiting for his food. So, when it comes time to eat, getting a meal prepped and on his tray quickly is key.

A meal that is easy, quick, and can be whipped up while he munches on his first course (such as fruit, cheerios, veggies) is avocado pasta. It's definitely one of my new favorites :)

Plus, I like to dig into this meal too--it's simple, a cinch to make, and easy for baby to eat.

The method:

  • Boil some pasta noodles (this can be done ahead of time too)
  • While the pasta is cooking, smash up an avocado and add a splash of lemon (not too much). You can also add in some basil and a little parmesan cheese too.
  • Then, mix the cooked pasta and mashed up avocado mixture. 

I give Luke his avocado pasta without salt and pepper. But, I like to give mine a good sprinkling of spices! I've also added in sausage to give it a little more oomph.

That's it. Boom.

What your favorite baby and momma-friendly meals?

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  1. Yum! This sounds so tasty :) We've been eating a lot more avocado since Maggie started solids...love the excuse to buy them! and I love when she doesn't finish her portion (but that's happening less and less lately).


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