Shop Talk (all about the new little printable shop)

I haven't made an official "Hey, guess what? I opened up a printable shop" yet. Now that I have more than 5 prints in the shop, I decided it was time to give an official shout-out :)

"Be Brave" Print (the one in the shop is a tiny bit different!)

Here's a bit of the story. After making the printables for the ebook, I realized how much I enjoyed designing little prints. I kept playing around with some designs and then decided to go for it.

Why not? Right? This is the year that I'm going to be braver and do things!

So, I did. For the last month or so, I've been adding to it little by little and as inspiration strikes. My policy is that I don't put anything in the shop that I wouldn't put on my own walls. Also, I want to create prints that are encouraging and inspiring.

I decided to go with printables (instant downloads!) instead of the traditional print + ship method because I really do hate the shipping process (which I learned from my other shop adventures). Even though I'd love to send them off in pretty packages, I know this about myself and I think it's the best decision for us right now.

One of the main reasons I opened up the shop was to help pay for my trip to the Influence Conference this year. Last year, I watched so many women get creative and find ways to pay for their trip, and I decided that I wanted to do that too! So, right now, all the profits from the Nicole Joelle Print Shop will be squirreled away into my Influence Conference savings jar :) Also, there are two prints in the shop that go towards me sister's work in Haiti--this one and this one.

"Sleep Tight" Print 

Honestly, I have some other little hopes tucked away for this little shop, but for now, this is where I am beginning. We all have to begin somewhere, right?

On Monday, I'll be sharing a way that you can get involved and I promise the reward is fun :) So, stay tuned for that!

Also, each month I'm going to offer two prints that are just $1 for the month. March's prints are these two, so I'm letting you in the deal a little early!

 photo 73a19222-6fcb-4b77-a2ff-9a521072bfaf_zps4e5a8314.png

 photo 82d86061-336c-4e6d-a36c-89adc4deb6a9_zps89767553.png

Happy Thursday!!

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