February Goals

Folks, guess what? It seems that writing down my goals on this little ol' blog actually encourages me to do them.  Who knew ;)

First, let's look back at January's goals:

Read at least one book. Yep. I finished up Bread & Wine. So, so good. This week, I'm going to whip out the risotto recipe (it's been way too long since I've made it!). 

Go through our closet and bring our unused clothes to Goodwill. I did this too. My closet feels a little lighter and fresher!

Have one sugar-free day per week. I actually really enjoyed this challenge. I dubbed each Saturday this month "Sugar-free Saturday." Doing this definitely made me more aware of my sugar intake!

Conquer the pantry clutter. Done and done. I'm pretty sure this is the only time that I've really cleaned the pantry since moving here, so there was definitely a lot of gunk and disarray going on. I can't say that it's the most organized pantry in the world, but now I have a better idea of what we actually have. 

Now for February's goals:

Do the #28daysofpilates challenge with Robin Long. Hold me now, people. This goal will be a hard one for me (because, let's face it, I'm pretty horrible at keeping an exercise routine). But, I know that Robin will help motivate me, and it will be doable. I really want to include one health/body goal per month, so this is this month's goal. I really do like Pilates because it requires focus, stretching, and I feel so refreshed after a session. Want to join me? Check out Robin's blog for more details.

Clean my refrigerator. It's just gross (that I'm-pretty-sure-that-sticky-spot-has-been-there-for-a-year gross).

Submit my children's poem to a children's book publishing company. I have a poem that quite a few people have encouraged me to submit to a publisher, so I'm going to try. I know pretty much nothing about the world of children's literature, so I'm starting with a small, new company. I realize that the chances that it will ever get picked up and published are slim, but I figure it can't hurt to try! 

Plan some sweet Valentine's Day activities. Honestly, Valentine's day isn't super important to me. I don't get hyped up about it or feel like Josh and I need to do something extra, extra special. However, marriage can always use fun, romance, and thoughtfulness. So, this year, I'm going to make a point to plan some special things for Josh (and maybe Luke too!) for V-day. I have some ideas, but you'll have find out in March what they were!

Some non-measureable goals this month that I'm also going to be working on is reading more before bed (instead of staring at a screen!), drinking tea instead of snacking after dinner (on most nights!), and setting aside some quiet time for the Word.

Do you have any goals for February? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Please please pleeeeaaaaaase can we see the children's poem???? Don't ask me why but children's poems hold so much meaning to me now, used to be thick Dosteveksy books that stimulated my brain and now it's children's books and poems. I tell myself its because my brain has adapted, not because I'm losing brain cells from the amount of coffee and lack of sleep I am getting! And I am definitely rooting for you and pilates! I have been trying to get some yoga done at home aaaaaaaand it just isn't happening yet.

  2. Hey Nicole! I am a first timer to your blog, referred here from Hayley's post over at The Tiny Twig! Thanks for sharing your goals. I was considering doing the Pilates challenge as well- I didn't officially add it to my goals list, but I am thinking perhaps I should. Hmm… :) Thanks for the encouragement/challenge to try it out! Have a lovely day! Blessings, Mindy

  3. Clean the fridge...that's almost as bad as cleaning the microwave! #DreadedHouseholdTasks

  4. lol my cleaning task this month was to have our air conditioners washed out and to wash our curtains. both only happen once every 6 months. and while the a/c's are out (we have separate units that hang on the wall for each room - go asia), that means i also have to clean behind the bed. but it feels soooo good when it's done. :) i'm super jealous of your pilates challenge...i'm way too pregnant to do pilates and i miss it so much! can't wait to restart after i get this little guy out! :)

  5. I am also trying to do the pilates work out. I can't do the ab workout because of my diastasis but I am trying! :)

  6. These are great goals. I saw the pilates on your instagram and might try to incorporate some of those into my "get active with Behr" goal!

  7. Love these :) I really need to get in the habit of pilates or yoga!

    I've been reading before bed too, but it always puts me to sleep within about 5 min...and that's why I'm still reading Bread and Wine! Oh well!

  8. Hi Nicole! I followed your link from Tiny Twig. I was considering a whole month of sugar free eating, but your Sugar Free Saturdays gave me a good "whoa girl" pause. (I tend to over commit to goals and get burned out.) How did you feel after a month of sugar free Saturdays? Did you plan your Saturdays in advance? Did you feel a difference in your overall health after one day a week of sugar free? I'm super intrigued so thank you for sharing!!


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