January Goals

Last month, it was a good practice to write down some goals for December. In fact, it really helped me pinpoint a few things that I really wanted to finish. And as a classic "unfinisher," I found some focus and motivation to actually do what I set put to do. So, this month, I'm at it again.

First of all, I wanted to review my goals from last month. They were:

Finish the ebook: It's not 100% done, but it is about 95% done. I'm one final edit and a few finishing touches away.

Celebrate Josh's graduation: Yep--we sure did. We went out for a nice meal and a movie to celebrate.

Clean my house before travels: The bedroom wasn't in tiptop shape when we left, but the rest of the house is pretty clean. So, I'd say I met this goal at about 95% too.

Buy an ornament for Josh and Luke: I actually bought Josh a different holiday memento, and we made an ornament with Luke's footprint. So, I'd say I can check this one off the list.

Bake a different Christmas cookie: Do caramels count? If so, I finished this too :)

So, this month's goals are:

Read at least one book. I just got Bread & Wine for Christmas, so I think I'll conquer that one. I love to read, but I honestly don't remember the last time I really dug in and finished a book (even though I have started a few of them!)

Go through our closet and bring our unused clothes to Goodwill. I've had a pile in our closet for a while now, and it's getting in the way. Plus, I know I have some clothes that just keep getting shoved out of the way and just need to go.

Have one sugar-free day per week. I want to do this one because I want to eliminate more sugar from my diet. I know that I don't want to do thirty days of it, but I think that focusing on it one day per week will help me work towards the ultimate goal of eating less sugar.

Conquer the pantry clutter. I need to go through our pantry and really clean it out. There are unused boxes, bags, and who knows what else in there. Since we are really trying to tighten up our food budget, I also want to make room for some bulk items such as rice and beans. I might even have to dig up the kitchen clutter worksheet.

What are your goals for this month? If you made some, I'd love to see what your January goals are!

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  2. Oooh, what's your ebook about?? That's awesome! Bread and Wine was one of the best books I read last year, and it's on my list of all time favorites.

  3. Love these goals! I am working on a new cleaning schedule for our home and a date night with my hubby (those are my top 2!!)

  4. I want to read Bread and Wine too...it's been on my list for a few months now. :)

  5. reading a book.. that is something i really want to do too! i was telling my husband (and i can't believe i'm going to admit this here) but i don't think i read one book in 2013! not one! so that is definitely something on my list to do! and i'm so excited for you and your ebook! what awesome opportunities ahead!

  6. Those are all great goals! I am trying to do less sugar also- so hard- I like the one-day-a-week idea, seems much more doable than cutting it altogether at first. My goal this month is to drink one green smoothie a day (so far so good) and hopefully in the process lose a few pounds before my 30th birthday next month!

  7. We have two of the same goals for the month-- love it! Well done with your December goals too :) and I am getting pumped for your eBook!

  8. OMG Bread & Wine is sooo good. It's great for a busy person to read because it's a lot of short stories. Does your town have all those little donation boxes popping up in parking lots all over the place like mine does? I always take my clothes-to-donate out to the car then stop by one of those boxes whenever I see one. I linked up my goals with the Tiny Twig too, but I'm focusing on setting up some good habits for the year, like starting some savings accounts, getting back into daily Bible reading, and cleaning up my eating. (I'm starting with my snacking...)


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