Baby Luke: 8 Months

Now that Luke is almost 9 months old (in just 10 days), I figured it was about time to post his 8 month photos! One of these months I'll actually be on top of things :)

I'm absolutely adoring him more and more each day--and so many more pieces of his personality are breaking through.

Stats, little somethings, and such:

  • When he had his surgery on Tuesday, he actually weighed about 20 lbs--which is less than he did before. I think he's started to get longer and leaner--but he still eats like hungry, hungry boy!
  • He's working on some teeth because last week there was some major drooling and grumpiness going on--not to mention waking up a lot more in the night.
  • He grunts like a crazy bear when he sits in his high chair to eat; he sure knows how to tell us that he wants food. Like.five.minutes.ago.people. 
  • He sways to music and giggles at us. He's starting to dance a little and really enjoy music. 
  • He's turning into a little flirt with new people (as long as he is in momma or daddy's arms!) He loves to eat with his hands, and is starting to get less and less interested in being spoon fed. 
  • He still really loves when we read to him and is starting to get more interested in holding and pounding the books.
  • He still thinks that crawling is totally over-rated, but I think he's starting to show a few more signs that he might (in like five years) actually try to figure out how to crawl. He does spin himself around and push himself backwards a little. 
  • Everyday is such a blessing with our chubby-cheeked boy, and we are so thankful for him!

Happy Friday!! 


  1. Hey- at least you TOOK the photos when he was 8 months old, right? What a cutie! I really love ages 9 months and beyond (much more than the first six months- but I still miss the tiny size they are as newborns). He may crawl for just a short time and then decide to walk right away- it happens! Have a great weekend, Nicole :)

  2. He's so sweet! Randomly found your blog! My son just turned 8 months yesterday and he is not very interested in crawling either. He just scoots around in those circles! :)


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