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Looking back, I've realized that my latest posts have been a little heavier. We are just in such a weird place--of not knowing, of hoping, of waiting. So, I feel like I have so much buzz going on in my head and this blog is where some of it lands. So, instead of all that, I'm going to share some of the fluffy stuff of life lately--

1. Luke loves to eat. I mean, eat. eat. eat. When we first started him on solids, I was ridiculously overwhelmed with all the choices. Baby-led weaning, spoon-feeding, trying one food at a time. So...let's just say that I gave up on following one specific method, and we do a mixed approach. He gets some purees (some homemade, some from the store), cut up food (like bananas, peaches), some whole chunks of food (like peas, beans). When I need to keep him busy, he often gets his resqueeze pouch. He loves it!

(goodness. I can't get over those cheeks...and wrist rolls!)

2. I have been doing soup + bread Saturdays and really enjoying it. I make a big batch of soup on Saturday. We eat some, have some left-overs, and freeze at least enough for one more meal. My favorite soup I've tried is this chili (and it's great with homemade cornbread muffins!) Next time, I will definitely make a double batch since it freezes really well (ps. it has chocolate in it!) This soup was also really good + healthy.

3. I've been chugging away at my January goals and am excited to share my February ones with you later this week. Thanks to Luke's help (ha!) we now have a cleaned up pantry.

4. I did something super random and opened up a printable shop called the Nicole Joelle Print Shop. Sure did. It's nothing much (and I'm still stocking it up), but I've really enjoyed playing with design, fonts, paint! If you use the code Fluffy50, you can get 50% off a print. My hope is these prints help pay for a few dates, contribute to my "I want to go to the Influence Conference fund," and provide some extra to give. Soon, there will also be some prints that will go towards supporting my sister in Haiti :) I'm working on designing those this week!

5. I just love post bath time with Luke. Seriously. Baby rolls, post-bath hair, and his squeaky clean smell are the best!
(I know this pic is blurry...but isn't that real life with babies!)

6. I love my boys. I really, really do.

7. I found this post at Where my Heart Resides a really good read--it's all about supporting your favorite bloggers. Honestly, blogging can sometimes feel like a competitive Olympic sport (only we use words and images instead of ski jumps and skates), but it really shouldn't be. So, I really felt like her perspective was so fresh and encouraging.

8. If you are curious about what others are saying about the Meeting Motherhood ebook, you can read more over at the Chronicles of Ruthie Hart :) She is one sweet momma!

9. I've enjoyed reading the Nester's posts about her time in Uganda with Compassion International. Since we sponsor a child, it's always fun to hear how the organization is impacting not only their lives, but ours as well :)

10. We've been sucked into watching the Bachelor. After watching all the dramaaaaaa, Josh and I are always so cuddly and thankful for one another. So, you know, I guess you could say it's good for our marriage ;)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I loved that post on supporting blogger friends, too! And your boy, my goodness, he's so sweet & chubby!!

  2. so i thought your shop was new - i popped over on the link from your last post and thought, how long has this been up?! huge congrats - it's a big step and i think your shop will do great - the prints are beautiful!


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