A Christmas Recap

Last night, we returned home after just shy of two weeks away visiting family and celebrating Christmas. It was so refreshing and good to be away, but it is also so nice to be home and get back into the groove here.

This Christmas-time was especially sweet with our little addition. It was fun to watch him enjoy the lights, play with wrapping paper, and get loved on by family. I definitely think that adding little ones to the mix has refreshed this season for me in new ways!

Some of my highlights were just sitting down and enjoying family, seeing my sister who is currently living in Haiti (she also surprised my parents...so fun!), spending time with my little nugget of a niece (she's so adorable and fun!), watching Luke take it all it, introducing Luke to the snow (he kinda liked it...), and just soaking in lots of family time.

Honestly, my brain is still downloading these past weeks a bit, so for now I'm just going to share some of my favorite photos from these past weeks. I think that they speak for themselves :)

Happy New Years Eve!


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