Throwback Thursday {Thanksgiving Edition}

Today, we get ready to celebrate a day of thanks, family, good food, and traditions. I'm so thrilled to have our little turkey joining us this year and am so ridiculously thankful for his little life and the joy he adds to our family.

I remember last year's Thanksgiving very well. We still hadn't found out if baby Jennings was a boy or a girl and a little tiny bump was finally appearing :)

(apparently I was pretty excited about it too!)

I remember turning to Josh as we left out house and remarking that this was our last Thanksgiving as just the two of us. At that time, it was hard to really picture what this year would look like, but I knew that it would be good. And it has been :)

So, today, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Soak it up with family + friends, enjoy some rest, and thank Jesus for all the blessings that we have :)

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