Lately, our days have been full and filled with the last bits of this season--a season full of schoolwork, semester schedules, and weird hours. As much as I'm happy to say good-bye to this season, I know that I'll miss pieces of it.

Life has been filled with outfits arranged by daddy, extra snuggles (so sweet, but so rare!), making this caramel popcorn, walks on cool fall days, more snuggles, baby-free date night, finding new toys among everyday things, play, play, and play, and watching Josh's team's plane fly high (we are so proud of him!).

Today, on this rainy, cold day in Texas, I'm sneaking in some Christmas music (even though I try to wait until after Thanksgiving), have my arms up in suds as I wash seemingly endless dishes, and try to ignore the other mess as I enjoy sweet moments with Luke. As simple as these daily things are, I'm so thankful for them--thankful for a cozy home, an adorable + healthy son, a loving husband, cool temps, and life in the now.

What are you doing? What has been sweet in your life lately?

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  1. Okay, you and your sweet family are just so so precious, I can't get over it!! I hope you're enjoying this wintery Texas day! I'm camped out in my Waco apartment, cozied up and counting down the minutes until I get to go home for Thanksgiving (sneaking in some Christmas music as well). I'm so glad you have such sweetly simple moments to cherish. :) Hope you're doing well!


  2. I've snuck the Christmas music already, too! There's just not enough time this year to really get in the spirit if we wait! Glad you're squeezing the lovely out of your days!


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