Baby Luke: 6 Months

So, all of a sudden, I feel like this kid is growing up. And not my itty bitty baby anymore...okay, who am I kidding? He was never bitty. But you know what I am saying?

Stats, little somethings, and such:

  • We went to the doctor yesterday and he weights 20 pounds and 14 oz. So, thankfully, it looks like his weight gain is finally leveling out a bit! My right arm is getting some serious muscle from lugging him around (that's the arm I usually use!). At least that's a perk!
  • He is definitely a curious baby and doesn't need a lot to stay entertained. Lately, he's been smiling a lot at our dog and exploring lots of new textures and movements with his hands.
  • We started solids this week. Let's just say that I have no idea what I am doing. It's one of those so-many-options-out-there issues for me. So, we are pretty much just winging it! He's had some oatmeal, homemade applesauce (which he did not like...too sour I think), oatmeal mixed with the applesauce, and sweet potatoes. He is definitely enjoying this new adventure, and I'm not surprised ;) 
  • He finally figured out how to roll over. However, he only knows how to get from his back to his belly and then just gets stuck. So, we had a few nights of going in and flipping him when he got super mad about waking up on his belly. Such a goof.
  • Sitting up is his new favorite, but he's definitely still getting the hang of it!
  • Everyday is such a sweet adventure with him, and I love watching the world through those pretty blue eyes :) 

Here are a few more pics just for kicks!

Happy Friday!

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