Here's an Idea: A Simple Way to Contain the Baby Clutter

Having a new baby in the house = lots of extra stuff around.

Burp cloths, blankets, little baby toys, books...etc. Even though we try and keep all the "stuff" at a minimum, it still feels like it is everywhere.

And a lot of that baby stuff migrates to our bedroom (which is where we often lounge and play in the mornings + late afternoons).

{I love our daily rest time on the bed: he smiles + giggles, and I smile right on back!}

When I cleaned our room, I would haul all the stuff back to the nursery (by haul I mean carry it five steps), and then a day later, it hiked on back to the bedroom. Eventually, I got frustrated with all the back + forth baby stuff parade :)

So, to solve this problem, I grabbed a basket, stuck it on our dresser, and put in all the basics: a few books, toys, a burp cloth, a onesie, lotion, and a blanket. Now, we have easy access to all the basics, and it eliminates the need to go back and forth for little things.

It's not rocket science, and I'm sure a lot of people have figured this out long ago. But, you know me--I love the simple things.

What are simple ways you help contain the clutter in your home?

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  1. I feel like I should add a basket like this in our living room. I end up taking a burp cloth from her diaper bag and then don't have one when we're out. I can only say I try to be diligent in my decluttering, no tips yet!


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