Happy Father's Day from Super Luke!

This year's Father's Day seems especially sweet. Not only do I get to celebrate my own dad, but I get to celebrate with Josh.

I feel so blessed to have such a caring, loving, supportive, and generous dad. He has always encouraged me to dream and do what I love. It's also been so fun to watch him be a super cool grandpa!

Also, I feel so blessed to be married to a man who is taking on his new fatherhood role with gusto. My love for Josh has grown as I've watched him be a daddy. There is something absolutely so precious about watching your husband love on your baby! I can't wait to watch him lead, teach, and adore Luke (and other ones that come along) as he grows up.

Because I wanted to do something fun for Josh's first Father's Day, I made these collages to use for a mini-comic book card. Since Luke is so adorable in the photos, I just had to share! Yep...I'm already that mom ;)

You never know, Father's Day comic strips may be a new tradition :) I really enjoyed making it--and I think Luke did too (well, apart from when he had to beat up the Evil Sock Monkey!) ;)

Happy Father's Day!

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