5 Things: To Give a New Mama

This right here is really a little wish list of mine. You see, when a woman has a baby, most of what she gets is baby stuff--which isn't a bad thing! But, sometimes I think it's sweet to bring a new mama something just for her. These are all things that I think many new (or seasoned!) moms would love :)

1. Cute Earrings. When you don't have a lot of time to get ready in the morning, a simple pair of earrings can make all the difference. I adore these adorable and affordable triangle studs by Cutie Cottage.

2. Nail Polish. I adore a fun pink or happy coral. This color by Essie is called Watermelon (how fun for summer!). It's amazing how painted toes + fingernails can make you feel a little extra put together and cute!

3. Lip balm. Personally, I love Burt's Bees--especially the kind with a little extra tint. I feel like my lips are always chapped, so this is a wonderful little item to keep on the bedside or in a purse :)

4. Wristlet. Since I feel like I'm always lugging around a diaper bag (as many new moms are!), a wristlet is a perfect place to store all the essentials if you want to ditch the diaper bag for a quick run into a store. I have one that holds my phone, gum, lip balm, and small wallet :) This one from Gussy Sews is adorable!

5. Big 'ol coffee mug.  Coffee or tea are often staples for a new mom who is surviving on little sleep. The only thing (for me!) that can make coffee any better is drinking it out of a lovely cup. I simply love the latte mugs from NS Pottery :)

Do you have any gift ideas for a new mama?

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  1. Love this list of pretties!! Thanks so much, Nicole!

  2. Love the nail polish - that color is amazing. My new momma list always included books. I became the master of breastfeeding and reading one handed. ;)

  3. Such pretty things! I read somewhere about giving the new mom something and I loved the idea. New Mommas deserve something, too!


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