Everyday I wake up, I wonder what the day will look like.

Unlike life just weeks ago, each day holds so many unknowns. Will the baby sleep in the morning? Will he need to be held? Will it be nice enough to take a walk or is the summer mugginess already too thick? Will I have time to write a blog post or do the dishes? Will Josh and I have a conversation without a fussy babe being passed between us?

I am realizing that making plans is often futile. I am learning to accomplish parts of larger tasks instead of completing everything at once.

I might only get five bowls washed or a few pieces of laundry put away. But it is something.

I am learning to accept these new rhythms--the slower and less task-filled days. I don't mind so much because I get to hang out with this sweet boy :)

Each day ebbs and flows--different and the same as yesterday. 

Yes, it can be hard for me to fully embrace these new rhythms. Yes, it can be frustrating to have my day dictated by an 11 pound baby boy. Yes, it can be challenging to find time to take a shower or a few moments to myself. Yes, it can be scary to step into a role I've never had before and hope I'm doing okay at it.

But you know what? 

These new rhythms are gifts that sound like life, joy, and sweetness. 

My days might not be filled with finished tasks or world-class adventures, but they are filled with something absolutely precious...

...our sweet little family


  1. It is hard to not be able to finish a task uninterrupted... I hardly remember what it was like to be able to do that. Every little bit helps though. He is super cute!

  2. The new rythms... oh, they were so hard for me. I'm feeling like I'm finally hitting my stride, only 15 weeks in :) Good for you, and what a sweet, sweet babe!

  3. Sounds like you have a great perspective in a season full of change. I'm so thankful you're being patient with yourself and rolling with the unexpected. I'm sure every day has its own challenges :)


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