10 Things all New Moms Need to Hear {A List from Life of a Pint-Sized Mama}

**I'm so thankful for the ladies who are stopping by while I soak up the newborn days with our little boy. Today, I have Mackenzie, from Life of a Pint-Sized Mama, sharing 10 things that new moms need to hear. I am definitely tucking this list away + taking it to heart!**

I've been a mom for just over a year, and it's been the best year of my life. It's true that I've never before survived on such little sleep. I never thought I'd be so knowledgeable about how to get poop out of clothing, or what shows are on TV at 3am. But every moment of this crazy ride has been worth it.

As Nicole is busy snuggling up with her precious new baby, I thought I'd 10 things I think all new moms need to hear:

1. You can do this. God has made YOU this child's mother, not anyone else. So read the books, ask for advice, and research all you want - but trust yourself because you are the best mom this baby could ever have!

2. A combination of prayer, a good cry, and some chocolate can cure just about anything.

3. Every diaper change, every time you wake up at 2am, every rinsing of a bottle is a chance to serve someone. These little things matter, even if no one else sees them. Even if you used to have a job where everyone saw your amazing talents and now no one knows the sacrifices you are making - this little stuff is an opportunity to serve the Lord in all you do. HE SEES YOU and loves you.

4. Martha Stewart does not have a newborn. Therefore, you do not need to be Martha Stewart.

5. Ask for help! We can't do this motherhood thing alone. Join a mom's group. Hire a house cleaner. Ask your sister-in-law to babysit. You need some rest and/or alone time!

6. Don't try on your pre-pregnancy clothes 2 weeks after you have your baby. That's a recipe for an emotional meltdown and an unnecessary shopping spree. Not like I'm speaking from experience or anything...

7. Let the Lord sustain you. Take even just 10 minutes during a nap time to ask Him for help, and read a Psalm or two. You need him. (SheReadsTruth has some amazing devotionals that are simple, deep, and don't take too much time to read.)

8. Multi-tasking is your best and worst enemy. Somedays you will need it to feed your baby, cook dinner, and answer an email simultaneously. On other days, resist the urge to do it all at once. Let the laundry pile sit as you memorize the way your little one yawns and the smell of their soft hair. They will only be this little for a moment. I promise.

9. You need your husband, and he needs you too. If this means getting a sitter (even just for an hour over lunch), do it. Holding hands and uninterrupted conversations will quickly become little luxuries so take them when you can.

10. Do the things you said you'd never do. Let them take the pacifier that just fell on the ground. Give them some graham crackers just to keep them happy. You weren't in the throes of motherhood when you made all those "rules," so give yourself a break when you need to.

Congratulations, Nicole! Soak up these newborn days, they are incredible. What a joy to get to steward the life of a sweet little one

**Thank you, Mackenzie, for stopping by and sharing these wonderful tips for new mamas! Be sure to go visit her blog and get to know her a bit--she really is super sweet + genuine!**

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  1. This is a great list! I'm pinning it for later :)

  2. This is a really wonderful list- Thanks for sharing- I really needed to hear #3... so thank you :)


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