Bumpdate: 38 Weeks

Um. How can it almost be April 25th (my due date!)?

How did I get here? I'm still in denial that in a few days/weeks I will be holding our sweet boy. That thought is still so surreal...

We finally finished up the nursery, so now I'm focused on getting the hospital bag ready for baby and me. I think I have most everything I need--but I'm sure there will be something that slips my mind!

I'm also trying to review all my labor + breathing techniques--although it's kinda hard to practice without having any pain (not even Braxton-Hicks). I feel like I'm training to climb a mountain by memorizing my gear list and knowing all the altitudes instead of actually mountain climbing. Oh, well!

I'm also writing up a list of Bible verses to help me focus + not get too anxious. I know that I will have moments when I'm scared, nervous, in pain, and feeling overwhelmed. I think having His word to focus on will help ground + calm me.

Any suggestions for helping me prepare for the big day? Any Bible verses you'd recommend for labor + delivery?

So, want to see the bump?

Here is it!

Baby stats: He's still as big as a watermelon + I think he's a growing watermelon too ;)

What's new: I think that it's finally hitting me that this boy is coming soon! Even if I'm overdue, he'll still be here in less than a month. So, along with excitement, I'm also feeling pretty nervous about it all. Also, I'm down to two pairs of shoes that fit due to feet swelling, one pair of capris, and a few shirts/dresses. My belly is getting big!

Symptoms: My feet + fingers are still swelling, but other than the normal stuff (lots of potty breaks, heartburn, soreness), I'm feeling pretty good.

Movement: Baby boy loves to move around--especially at night! I love feeling him tumble around in there, and we also enjoy watching him move too. Now that he's pretty big, you can just watch my belly roll all over the place :)

Cravings: Fruit, water, and ice cream. Maybe it's because it's reaching the mid to high 80's in Texas.

Exercise: I've actually stayed pretty consistent with exercise lately. Robin Long's Prenatal Pilates program has definitely helped! I think that's one of the reasons I'm feeling pretty good still :) I'm trying to walk, do yoga, or pilates each day. Maybe baby boy will evacuate on time if I keep on moving!

What I miss: I still miss sleeping well...but, I know that it will only get worse. So, I'm enjoying what sleep I do get!

What I look forward to: I am looking forward to finishing up work this week, enjoying some time with Josh before baby, and also for my mom to come. She's coming on the 23rd...so soon! Most of all, I'm looking forward to holding this sweet boy in my arms :)

Just for fun, here's the the first picture I took wearing the same shirt I have on in these picture. I was only 15 weeks.

Also, I think Mac is starting to realize that something is happening since we have a whole bunch of new stuff around--so he's making sure to get all the attention he can get!

ps. tomorrow the big nursery reveal! Yay :)
pss. any baby day predictions?

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  1. Great pictures! I've got a giveaway going on that you might be interested in, it includes blocks to track baby's weeks/months/years in photos. http://www.greatmanythings.com/2013/04/rg-at-2-months-and-giveaway.html

    Have a great day!

  2. EEEK! So soon! I am going to guess the 30th. Are you hoping to have him early or let him come when he is ready? I was 6 days late with both my boys. Your mountain climbing analogy is spot on. It is so hard to prepare when you really have no idea what it will be like for YOU and YOUR BODY- everyone experiences labor so uniquely.

    So excited for you :)


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