Bumpdate: 36 Weeks

{I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter! Also, thank you to so many who wished me a Happy Birthday last Friday...you all are too sweet :)}

I've got a big belly and I cannot lie...

That's pretty much my theme song lately ;)

I have officially entered the last leg of this journey and probably the most uncomfortable. I'm trying to keep upbeat during these last few weeks, but honestly, it's getting harder and harder! I feel pretty good but am getting to the point where I'm getting anxious to meet the little guy and have my body return a bit more to normalcy (although that could still be in a bit...). I love feeling his kicks, squirms, and wiggles, but I can't wait until I can see his sweet face with all those moves :)

Anyway, here's the 36 week bump---I'm feeling a bit gigantic!

Baby stats: A watermelon. So, that's why I feel huge...;) He's now about 6.5 pounds.

What's new: There are a lot of new things that have popped up during these past few weeks. First, the swelling has taken on a whole new level. Even with moving, drinking lots of water, feet propping, and rest, my feet are still hobbit feet! Honestly, it kinda weirds me out when I look at my swollen feet or try to find my ankles. Any advice about reducing retention? Second, baby is moving down a bit so I've been feeling a lot more pelvic pressure/pain. I've found some yoga moves that have helped a bit--but it's not a fun feeling!

Symptoms: Normal end of the pregnancy stuff--swelling, pressure, a hard time sleeping, etc.

Movement: Baby boy still loves to move around--especially late at night. I love watching my whole belly move and trying to figure out how he's positioned. One day, I think he had some body part sticking out around my belly button. It was so crazy!

Cravings: Still loving fruit :) And popcorn!

Exercise: I have been walking, but not much more than that (which is probably why I've felt more sluggish lately...). But, I'm starting a prenatal workout program with Robin Long and will tell you guys all about it (it will keep me accountable!). Even though I feel huge, I still feel so much better with a little exercise--especially controlled + relaxed workouts.

What I miss: Sleeping on my back/belly. I told Josh that one of the first things I want to do when my body is healed up post-baby-pushing-out is flop down on my belly!

What I look forward to: Well, I am really looking forward to meeting our son! I teeter between feeling excited and confident about labor + delivery to feeling downright nervous and anxious about it. Right now, I'm hoping for as natural of a birth as possible. But, since I've never birthed a baby, I'm keeping an open mind! Even if it doesn't work out how how I planned/anticipated, I know that improving my physical stamina, practicing my breathing, learning to relax, learning about pain management, and praying about the big day can't hurt!

So, anyone have any good advice about ways to get ready for the big day?

What to pack in the hospital bag?

(also, the nursery is about 90% finished...so I hope to share it will you soon!!)

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  1. Medela Lanolin. Cute blankets for swaddling. An insulated cup with a straw. Granola bar. Your own pillow.

    Best of luck! Can't wait to meet him!

  2. looking good! your black eye is healing nicely :)

    I can't even imagine what I'll feel like at that point (10 wks from now). Thanks for sharing the work out program too!

  3. You look great! I love that shirt! Your almost there! I also missed sleeping on my stomach. During both my pregnancies I would crave popcorn- I would eat an entire bowl of it myself. I agree with packing Lanolin- that should be your best friend after every nursing session through the first month or so- it really helps! Hair ties, bobby pins if you use them, flip-flops for the shower if you're squeamish about using public showers like I am, your own water bottle, chapstick,camera with extra battery, phone chargers, healthy snacks for afterwards- I was always STARVING shortly after giving birth and if you won't have access to a good meal right away then you'll want something (and hubby might also if labor is long). And, of course, the basics: outfit for baby, change of comfy clothes for you, toothbrush & paste, etc.

  4. oooh, you look great! good luck with these last few weeks! praying for rest and comfort. i'm so excited for you! :)


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