A Peek + Rest vs. Stress

37.5 weeks.


Baby can come at any time.

Do you have your hospital bag packed? Birth plan written? Visited the hospital?

Oh, yeah. Do you have a pediatrician?

How about the nursery? Is it finished?

Will you keep working? If so, how much? Who will take care of the baby?

Can I be honest with you? These last few weeks have been a bit stressful for me. Although I'm feeling pretty good physically, mentally, I'm exhausted. I feel like there is so much to do, and I all I can do is watch the clock.

Tick. Tock. One day closer. One less day to do all the things. One less.

I tarry between pure excitement that baby boy can arrive at any time and pure concern that he will. For all these months, the idea that he's coming has always been there, but now, it's more real.

As in, I actually have to birth this child. Soon.

There was a moment last week when I felt so stressed, so sore, so swollen, and so annoyed I could hardly stand it.

I realized that I was practically worshipping my fears, concerns, and worries. I wasn't thinking about the preciousness of this babe--I was thinking about the pain I will face to get him out. I wasn't thinking about the provision of God--I was thinking about how much more I thought we needed. I wasn't thinking about the value of rest--I was thinking about how many things I have to do.

I was wallowing. Big time.

And then I prayed because I felt the ugliness of it all. I prayed for peace. For time. For His truth to replace my fears and insecurities.

And you know what? He answered me. He tended to my heart and He renewed my energy.

This weekend, my nesting bug throttled into full gear and the nursery is almost finished. Right now, baby could come, and we'd have all we need. His hospital bag isn't completely packed, but it's close. His clothes are washed. His diapers organized.

There are still plenty of things to do. And I still have moments when I feel completely overwhelmed. I'm pretty sure that feeling overwhelmed before a baby arrives is not uncommon! But, I don't want to return to that place.

To the wallowing. To the emotional craziness. Even though I'm sure that my hormones are part of the mess, I don't want to accept that I can only feel stressed, worried, fearful, and ugly.

Instead, I want to rest in Him. To believe His words--that I have been created to give birth, my body is beautiful (despite it's size), all we need is provided for, He will never leave me, and that He has gifted me with what I need to be a mother.

Rest in Christ is far better than stress.

Dontcha think?

Can anyone else (before becoming a momma or almost one like me) relate?

So, now, after all that, I want to leave you with a few peeks of the nursery :) I promise I'll share the whole thing soon--as long as baby doesn't decide to come early!

I can hardly wait to show you the whole thing!

Happy Monday :)


  1. I think it's totally natural and appreciate hearing your honesty. Hang in there! and continue to rest in Jesus :)

    The nursery looks great!

  2. Oh, the fears I nurtured in the first weeks after my baby girl was born. It was taking me over. I finally recognized them for what they were, and laid them bare before God. I told him all of my fears, and then I told myself God's truth, the truth that made those rears irrelevant. He is so good. Totally calmed me. Glad you're holding onto truth, too!

  3. love the sneak peak!! and i greatly appreciate your honesty and vunlerability with fears and stress. i am praying the lord will give you continued peace and rest for these last days of pregnancy and then must rest and energy for when he comes :) love you sweet friend!

  4. Haha, yes, you should have seen my to-do list during both my pregnancies (especially before the first)- Yay for prayer and resting in HIM- the only way to make it through stressful times! I never finished the to-dos and guess what? it all worked out just fine. The nursery looks adorable- can't wait to see it all. :)

  5. Such a great post Nicole and a great reminder to us all. At 35 weeks I can certainly relate to those growing thoughts/lists/concerns and appreciate this reminder :) Hope you're hanging in there and resting in that peace.

  6. Can't wait to see it. Looks great so far. Looking forward to meeting your little man via fb and your blog!


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