Sweet Simplicity: Simple Traditions

Today, Amy from Sweet Home Santa Barbara is joining me as co-host of the link-up.

Amy is so sweet (and so cute!)! You should definititely go and visit her blog and see what she's writing about today... it involves something yummy! :)

Do you have any simple traditions?

Those traditions that appear, almost on accident, but are so sweet and cherished.

Josh and I have a little tradition that I love.

Coffee in bed.

Often, after a busy week of criss-crossed lives, we need a morning with just the two of us, a cup of coffee in our hands, and quietness of the morning. I let Josh sleep for a bit longer while I put out the pup, grind the beans, and listen to the gurgle of the pot.

A little creamer gets splashed into each mug, coffee is poured, and I pad back into the bedroom.

"Good morning, babe." I say while I set his cup down on the nightstand and then open the blinds.

He opens his eyes and smiles.

I go over to my side of the bed and get cozy under the covers. We often don't talk about anything wonderfully important on these mornings, but we simply enjoy each other, the brew, and a bit of pause before the day begins. Yet, sometimes, sharing this cup of coffee has smoothed over ruffled feathers from the night before, been a time to share our big dreams and plans, or reminded us that cultivating a healthy marriage doesn't need to be fancy.

I know that a baby will interrupt our simple tradition a bit. However, I hope that it still has a place (even if it's not as often). I hope that our coffee in bed "dates" will still happen admist the fussy nights, diaper changes, and our cooing baby boy.

Maybe we'll just plop him into the bed with us, oogle at him, and sip on our coffee while enjoying this new season.

Even if we do have spit up our shirts and tired eyes from disjointed sleep :)

Do you have simple traditions with those you'd love?

I'd love to hear them!

I'd also love for you to link up your simple ideas, inspiration, project, recipes, outfits, etc!

Let's also share our simplicity with the hashtag #savorthesimple in Twitter and Instagram :)

Here are some little guidelines for the link-up:
1. I'd love for you to share that you're linking up with me today. You can grab the little button down there or just include a link.
2. Please only link projects/ideas/inspirational posts that have the theme of simplicity. In other words: no Julia Child recipes please :)

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  1. I LOVE that picture of you two. That sounds like an amazing, relaxing and SIMPLE tradition! I hope even with the baby, you guys always enjoy your coffee in bed moments :)

    Thanks again for having me co-host today!!


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