{Handmade} Baby Wish List

Our little one will be here soon (4/5ish weeks!), so I'm often poking around and eying lots of yummy baby goodies :) As of now, we have pretty much everything we need--but I still enjoy picking out some little extras for baby boy.

I especially love finding some handmade baby goodies! Here's a list of some of my favorite handmade baby items I've found online:

1. Burp Clothes from Hope: Handmade. I adore the polka dots and colors!
2. Minnesota Teether from Little Saplings Toys. I gotta teach that baby boy all about my home state :)
3. Darling booties from Jolie Berry. I can't get enough of darling shoes (go check out her other designs...so cute!)
4. Boppy pillow cover from For the Love of Joy. The pattern and colors are adorable!
5. Elephant Bibs by Down Home Amy. These are so sweet--I'm not sure I could actually use them ;)
6. Aviator Hat from Bebe K Studio. Since Josh loves airplanes (and did fly planes for a while), I thought this little hat would be quite fitting.
7. Deer Onesie from Hen & Co. I love the print, the simplicity, and the fact that this onesie reminds me a bit of my dad :)
8. Swaddle blanket by Little Hip Squeaks. Happy, cozy, and hip! Love it.

What are your favorite handmade baby goodies? I'd love to have some more shops/items to add to the list!

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