Cankles, Hoops, and Shop Talk

It's official.

I have cankles.

I'm drinking lots of water, putting my feet up, and spending lots of time staring at my swollen feet. I have just a few pairs of shoes that don't look ridiculous on my feet and am thankful that it's nice enough to wear flip flops :)

(yes, I just posted a picture of my cankles...I may regret this in about 5 minutes!)

Not only do I have cankles, but I'm sporting the football player look since I've got two sweet bruises under my eyes from my fall last week. But everyday they look a little better and better :)

I'm trying to focus on the fact that in 4ish weeks I'll be snuggling with my sweet boy and not thinking about cankles, bruises on my face, or stretch marks that keep on coming (although, I'm not sure those will ever quite go away...).

I think that baby snuggles are worth swollen ankles and puffy feet :)

Also, my birthday is on Friday (yep, on Good Friday) and I'm turning 28. So, I'm looking forward to celebrating, relaxing, and partying it up.

Well, as much as you can when you are nearly 9 months pregnant and starting to waddle...;)

To celebrate, I'm also going to do an Instagram giveaway (starting on Wednesday morning...I'll announce the winner on my birthday!)--so be sure to follow me (@nicolejoelle) if you want to be in on winning this:

Also, I'm planning on having an Instagram flash sale on April 4th (starting at 7pm central) to clear out the last bit of inventory from Home for Hire {the shop}. Expect deep discounts! Since I'm not sure if I'll reopen after baby is born, I want to send off all my last bits to good homes.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. you're really in the home stretch now! so excited for ya :)

    and I'm excited for your IG sale next week...perhaps I can snag something for the baby's room?!


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