Bumpdate: 34 Weeks

I can hardly believe that in about 6 weeks I'll be cuddling with my sweet boy. Goodness. I'm so excited for that, yet, there are so many things to do before he arrives!

I hope my nesting instincts kick into high gear so that I can get everything done :)

Last week, we took a little trip to Austin (read part one here...part two is coming soon!) as a last getaway before the baby, so we shot some pictures in the scenic hill country to capture the bump!

Baby stats: He's as big as a cantaloupe and about 5.5 lbs. Believe me..he's growing ;)

What's new: Not too much is new, but I am finding that the bump is starting to get in the way! I feel like I'm always bumping into things.

Symtoms: I think I have the normal end-of-the-pregnancy symptoms including occasional heartburn, trouble sleeping, soreness, swollen ankles + fingers (especially if I'm on my feet a lot or not drinking a lot of water), and some other unmentionable things ;)

Movement: Baby boy is still moving around a lot, but I think he's slowing down a bit since he is running out of space. I seriously think that I'm all baby! I love feeling him goof off down there, and I love when he has the hiccups!

Cravings: Water. Fruit. Water. Fruit.

Exercise: I finally got over the sinus yuckiness I had a few weeks ago and then Spring Break hit. So, I really haven't been doing any specific exercise lately. But, we did lots of walking in Austin, and I'm trying to walk with Mac 3-4 times a week. I should really start doing it daily but...

What I miss: Leaning over. I used to think that pregnancy ladies were just being dramatic when they had trouble leaning over or bending--now, I understand! When you've got a baby in there, they can only move so much for you! So, I've learned how to be more creative :)

What I look forward to: Breathing better and sleeping on my back/stomach. I hope that baby boy decides to move down soon because I'd love to have more lung function! I also am really starting to look forward to the little guy just being here and introducing him to all the people who are so excited to meet him!

Happy Monday!!!

ps: the sweet simplicity link-up is happening tomorrow! Come and join me and my secret co-host :)
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  1. ah! you are so cute! oh my word i really really hope i get to snuggle that baby some day :)

  2. yay! you look great! hope yall had a wonderful trip!
    happy monday! :)


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