28 Things on my Birthday

Yay! It's my birthday!

(um...not even sure...maybe a Halloween costume from 1999?? ps. I was wearing a wig!)

Today I'm turning 28.

Years ago, when I thought about what my life would look like at 28, I imagined two kids in tow, a working husband, and a cozy home. Of course, I would also be size six, be stylish, and have perfect hair--not be 9 months pregnant, have swelling feet, and a bad haircut!

Life looks a lot differently than I thought would, but honestly, I am so thankful + happy about where I am today.

I have a hard-working and loving husband, a sweet baby boy on the way, and enjoy where we are. I look forward to the new season coming but am also trying to soak in the last few weeks of this one--the season of just the two of us.

So, I thought it would be fun to share a list of 28 things about me--especially at the end of this season without babies (out of the womb!). Some are new and some are old--it's just a snapshot of who I am/was right now. At 28.

Here we go:

1. I can't remember the last time I didn't drink coffee in the morning. Although I typically drink 95% decaf in the morning, I love the ritual of coffee in the morning.

2. I was voted "Most Random" in high school. And if you know me or have followed this blog for a while, you know that this is probably still true :)

3. I climbed a volcano while I lived in Guatemala. Despite what people might tell you, it wasn't very fun. I honestly thought that I was going to blow over and roll down the lava rock! Maybe that's how I'll feel when I'm pushing this baby out...

4. I went to school for Spanish and Teaching English as a Second Language, but sometimes I wish I would've become a nurse--if I could handle the whole vomit thing...

5. I know that chevron is a trend, but honestly, I'm not a huge fan. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.

6. I got Dengue fever while I lived in Guatemala. It was not cool.

7. I don't hate being pregnant, but it's not my favorite. I think that having this baby in my arms is what I'm really looking foward to!

8. I pick my nails, and it drives Josh nuts.

9. I don't mind cleaning the bathroom, but I really don't like to sweep. at. all. And my floors are prime evidence!

10. I'm stubborn and I like my way--first-born all the way! Of course, as I mature, I'm learning how to be less selfish and self-seeking, but honestly, it's not my first response.

11. I am very messy in the kitchen, and I don't like cleaning up as I go. I should really start trying because by the time I finish up the meal/item I am too lazy to clean up!

12. When I got the chicken pox as a kid, I only picked the scabs off my belly because I thought no one would ever know. Well, I guess I wasn't looking too far into the future ;)

13. I always wish I was more stylish but have trouble knowing how to be trendy and cute. Plus, I have a hard time spending money on clothes/accessories.

14. I could eat chips and salsa every day and be happy.

15. I'm pretty apathetic about most political things. I don't like bickering about it all--especially when it's on Facebook :)

16. Even though I'm an introvert, I am very talkative. In fact, I've been working (for years!) to curb my "chatty pattiness." It's something I really want to work on because I can easily dominate a conversation if I'm not careful--learning to become a better listener is hard!

17. I like marshmallows in my popcorn. You should try it!

18. I have a double chin, and I've always been self-conscience about it!

19. I love to read. If I get into a good book, I could sit in bed all day and be a happy camper :)

20. I'm pretty much blind. And I always feel like I can't hear when I can't see...it's weird. I know.

21. I'm not competitive at all. So, let's just say that tennis wasn't the best sport for me ;)

22. I've been in many musicals but usually played a more "matronly" character--including the queen in Cinderella, a nun in Sound of Music, and the mom in Footloose.

(that was one hefty necklace!)

23. I love making lists--even if I don't do everything on them. I actually like to spend time writing things down in my calendar.

24. I can be really, really dorky. Just ask my husband.

25. I am running out of things about me. Does that count?

26. I can be very patient about certain things, but incredible impatient about others. And I often have a hard time focusing on one thing for an extended period of time. I think I'm good at many things, but not really good at much of anything :)

27. I've written many poems, but there is one that I'd really like to make into a children's book. Any interested illustrators?

28. Today I'm turning 28 and really looking forward to all that this year will hold for me!

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  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like we'd make great friends, eating chips and salsa all the time. Excited for your boy to arrive, but kudos on taking time to enjoy these end of "just the 2 of you"!

  2. Happy Birthday to you!!! I love how even when life doesn't turn out the way we expected it too, with God, He makes it BETTER!

  3. yay! happy happy last birthday without a baby (outside of the womb)- woohoo!
    i loved this list of little things about you. :)

  4. Haha- Most Random!- that is awesome. I don't think they had that category at my school. I am so with you about the Chevron thing- I don't get all the hoopla. You can come clean my bathroom and will sweep for you! :) I want to comment on so many of those but I am running out of nap time and I want to get some reading in (I love reading too! are you on Goodreads?)

  5. Happy, happy Birthday!!!! Yes, enjoy your time with the two of you while you have it....and when that precious boy arrives, still make time to have "you & hubby" time. Afterall, someday, you will return back to the "two of you" and you want to still be connected! I can't wait until you're my age---then I'll get to see your list of 50 things about Nicole! ;)

    I LOVE your blog and love to follow your thoughts, life and changes!


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