I've got a secret. Let me tell you about it...

Want to hear it?

I'm moving to a new URL.

Here's why...

Although I've blogged under Home for Hire for almost three years (whoa...has it been that long?), I feel like I've outgrown the name. I started blogging about all things home. Now, not so much--so I think it's time for something fresh and new.

Something more me.

So, I've thought about it, brainstormed, got some good advice from ladies over at the Influence Network, and prayed about it.

At first, I felt funny/nervous about changing my blog identity.

But then, in the last few days, I've felt very brave about it.

Brave. Excited. And ready.

This weekend I'll hopefully be working out all the nuts and bolts. You should all still get my e-mails, feeds, etc, since I'll be redirecting my current url to the new one (which I'm still keeping under wraps for now!)

But, if you don't want to miss something, be sure to follow me on twitter or Facebook to stay in the loop :)

My goal is to have a fresh look by Monday morning. And then I'll tell you more about it :)


How are you stepping out today?

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