Buy One, Get One!

Currently, I've got 8 sets of love birds perching in {the shop}.

But, they are all antsy and ready to fly the coop! Especially since they learned that they would have to stay in a house with a wailing babe--it's just not their cup of tea ;)

Since the shop will be closing soon, the one-of-a-kind love birds won't be available for much longer!

So, from now through Valentine's day use the code: LOVEBIRD50 to get 50% off the lovebirds. That means that you buy one and get one for free.

Cool beans, huh?

Since there are only 8 sets, that means that only FOUR people can take advantage of this deal :)

Let's meet some of the love birds:

They are all ready to fly to their new nest :)

Happy Valentine's day!

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