Bumpdate: 30 Weeks

I can hardly believe that I'm at 30 weeks already! The first trimester was sooo slow, the second zoomed by, and now we've got about 10 weeks until D-day.

I've been busy painting the furniture for the nursery, and once that's done, we can start putting it together. The nursery won't be fancy, but we're doing our best to make it special for baby. Like most things I do, I want to keep it simple, fresh, and cost-friendly :) I'm excited to show you the final reveal!

Anyway, enough about the nursery! Want to see the 30 week bump?

Yikes! Baby is sure growing :) Lately, I've had some very sweet friends lend me some maternity clothes, so it has been fun to get dressed again (thank you, ladies!). It's amazing how a few new things can help make dressing the bump enjoyable :)

Baby stats: He's as big as a head of lettuce and just over 3lbs.

What's new: I'm getting "belly looks." In other words, the belly is out in full force, and I'm noticing that people walk by and look at my belly. I guess I knew that would eventually happen :)

Symptoms: Sore. I'm getting to point where I'm starting to feel more uncomfortable--like there is a baby inside! My belly isn't as squishy, so bending and even sitting is a little more tedious. I also get back pain if I sit or stand too long. But, I'm finding that yoga, walking, and a bath generally help a lot!

Movement: Baby boy is moving--a lot! It's fun to watch my belly hop and jiggle and try and figure out what is kicking me. Sometimes I get a swift kick out of nowhere, and it scares me!

Cravings: Does sleep count? I'm not craving any particular food, but I would like some more sleep.

Exercise: I've been doing better at getting exercise (although lately I've been counting painting as exercise since a lot of squatting, bending, and arm movement is involved!). Yoga, walking, and a few prenatal pilates work-outs are my favorite. I always feel so good after a little exercise!

What I miss: Sleep. I feel like I say that every time, but I really do miss a good, solid night of sleep!

What I look forward to: Finishing the furniture and working more on the nursery. I'm excited to work on some other DIY projects and decor too :) I can't wait to walk into that room when it's ready for baby. Ultimately, I'm so excited that baby boy will be here soon :)

{ps. I really want to do something with my hair...any suggestions?}

{pss. It's my dad and Macintosh's birthday today! Check out last year's post for a little about how much I love them!}

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  1. I love it all! I want to see that baby room! On your hair, just don't dye it until baby comes! That's how I ended up with red hair (instead of a cool brown...)

  2. You look great! So funny about the belly getting stares ;-)

    Yay for sharing maternity clothes. It is amazing how a few additions can make you feel like you have so many options when it comes to getting dressed! I finally went to Destination Maternity today and only bought PJ's but they're cute and I know I'll wear them even after baby comes!

    For your hair, maybe an a-line cut? It looks different, but without looking too short around the face. I've had one on and off for years, so I'm biased!

  3. Hey Friend! I can't wait to see the baby's room (and the baby, for that matter!)

    Have you ever had a bob? Shorter in the back, slightly longer in the front- like this one? http://www.i-hairstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Medium-bob-hairstyles-5.jpg

    You are cute just the way you are! I love the growing bump! You look healthy and happy!


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