Bottom Line Advertising

I'm introducing something new here at Nicole Joelle.

Honestly, it's not worthy of fireworks and cupcakes, but I am excited about it.

I'm going to offer a simple and easy advertising option here on this little blog to help cover some of my small blogging expenses.

I am dubbing it "Bottom Line Advertising." Instead of traditional sidebar ads, I'll stick your blog/shop button at the bottom of each blog post.

I'm only doing two sponsors a month, so you'll get two weeks of prime time exposure.

It's pretty sweet because your ad will pop up in e-mails, blog posts, blog readers, etc. Plus, since it will always be in the post, it will have residual exposure after your two weeks are finished. For example, if your ad is on a post that gets a lot of clicks through google and Pinterest, you'll continue to have people stopping by and seeing your ad.

I've got two options for you:

1. The Bottom Line: Your ad will appear at the bottom of each post for two weeks. I'll also include an organic shout-out in one of those blog posts about your blog/shop. ($5)

2. The Bottom Line + Social Media add-on: Your ad will appear at the bottom of each post for two weeks, and I'll organically mention your blog/shop in a blog post during that period. In addition, during that two week period, I will promote your blog/shop through Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. It includes at least four social media mentions per week. ($10)

If you are interested, e-mail me at nicolejoelleblog{at}gmail{dot}com or click here for more details about my statistics, options, and availability.

{ps. Although I think pretty much everyone is cool, I will only accept blogs/shops that I feel comfortable promoting. It's super important to me to feel excited + authentic about promoting you, your products, and your message.}

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