Are you a pantryoverstuffer? Do you have dinnertimephobia?

Good morning!

Perhaps you are wondering why it's Tuesday and you don't see the Sweet Simplicity link-up?

Here's why: After staring at the screen and learning/consuming way too much about html, images, and design over the weekend, my brain is zapped from creativity. Zapped. Zapped. Zapped.

Ever felt like that?

Plus, in March, I'm just going to have the link-up on the first + third Tuesday of the month (with some fabulous co-hosts!).

Then, in April, I'm going to start doing it just once a month. With baby boy coming soon and all that comes with it, I'm thinking that it's the best decision for me at this time! So, stay tuned for more details!

I'd still love if you join me and share your simplicity with me and others with the hashtag #savorthesimple in Twitter and Instagram :)

But...I'm still super pumped to share with you a gem of an ebook I was introduced to while taking the Influence Network's ebook class taught by Hayley from The Tiny Twig.

One of the attendees, Mystie Whinckler, (who has already gone through ropes of writing and publishing an ebook) offered us the chance to peek into her ebook and see what we thought.

When I heard that she wrote an ebook about simple dinners, I was in! You know how much I love simplicity :)

Simplified Dinners eBook

It didn't take me long to devour (see, using food imagery there!) the ebook, and I truly enjoyed it. My favorite thing about the ebook was that she included a master pantry list and based all the meals from it. I also loved how simple (and versatile to your tastes) the meals were and look forward to adding many of them to our meal plan. Seriously, I think that Mystie is quite the food/pantry genius!

Plus, I know that I will definitely need to start implementing more simplicity into my pantry when baby boy arrives and grocery shopping becomes a little more tricky!

Maybe you are already a mom and need a way to cut down the time you spend planning, making, and grocery shopping for meals?

Or maybe you suffer from pantryoverstuffer syndrome and have too much random stuff in your pantry that you rarely/never use? This ebook is perfect for helping guide you towards using a simple list to stock your pantry.

Do you have dinnertimephobia and avoid the kitchen because it just seems scary and like too much work? Again, Simplified Dinners is a wonderful resource for very simple, easy, wholesome, and forgiving meals. Not only that, but she makes the process streamlined to help cut out a lot of the extra hassle of eating at home.

Or maybe, like me, you love to cook and grocery shop, but are always looking for resources to help you make simpler, healthier, and less-fussy meals in less time?

Not only does she have one ebook all about simplified dinners, she also has a gluten-free and dairy-free edition (just in case you have someone in the family with allergies or you are choosing a dairy/gluten-free lifestyle).

Simplified Dinners eBook

If you are interested in the ebook, Mystie is offering you all a $3 discount with the code: realfood. Just click on one of the images or here to read more about the ebooks or click here to read the Simplified Dinner blog.

Happy Tuesday!!

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*ps. I am an affiliate for Simplified Dinners because I truly enjoy the ebook and find it to be a great resource for keeping things simple in the kitchen!


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