The Switcharoo: Please Pardon the Mess

When we first moved into our little 2-bedroom rental house in late June, we decided to claim the small room as our bedroom and the larger room for the office/workspace.

And then, just about two months later, we found out that a baby was on the way.

We are very interested in having our space work for us--even if's just 1,000 square feet. We threw out different ideas about what do to do: office/nursery, nursery/bedroom, nursery/guest room. We contemplated all the options until we decided on the option that would best fit our needs.

We decided to move the bedroom into the large room + also include a small work area/office in it (this room is massive!).

Then, we'll move all the nursery stuff into the smaller room and also use it as a guest room when people visit (baby will sleep with us!).

We want a separate area for the baby because we want to create a space that will not only be where the little one snoozes but also an area for play and exploration :)

That meant that we spent Saturday moving stuff all over the place (switching your bedroom is hard work!), creating a massive thrift store pile, and organizing the other items to sell. We now have reduced our office items to the bare minimum and have a spacious bedroom. I told Josh that I was okay with having office space in the bedroom, as long as it looked like a bedroom--not an office with a bed! And I think that we definitely achieved that idea :)

Here's what our bedroom looked like on Saturday morning (yikes...clean much, Nicole?)

And our office (oooh, goodness...we needed to tackle this room!):

I promise I'll share what it looks like now very soon--we just need to make a few tweaks :)

Anyone have any suggestions for storage solutions for small spaces?

(Also, get your simple projects/recipes/inspiration ready because the Sweet Simplicity link-up is going live at 7pm central tomorrow!)

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  1. It's so exciting to get the space ready for baby! I can't wait to see the transformation unfold :)


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