Sweet Simplicity Link-up: Natural Facial Cleanse

This week, I'm doing a bit of a DIY clean mini-series, so I thought this simple and easy facial cleanser/wash was the perfect way to start it.

Plus, it also fits in with the link-up party theme: simplicity

I'm a bit of a sucker for diy skin products (such as my sugar scrubs) and have wanted to try something for my face for a while now.

After a little googling, this handy mixture is what I concocted.

Three ingredients: quick oats (1/2 cup), baking soda (1/2 cup), and lemon zest (as much as you'd like!).

Mix them:

Put them in a cute jar:

Put a bit of the mixture into your hand and add a {little} water. Scrub your face. Feel a little silly rubbing oatmeal all over your face. Just shrug when your hubby later asks you why there is oatmeal in the sink ;)

After using this exclusively for a few days, here's what I think. When I first scrub my face, I feel like it's a bit gritty and weird-feeling (especially compared to soap!). Then, it feels very fresh and soft. I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of the oatmeal (mainly because it's messy and I'm afraid I'll go to work with a lone oat stuck to my forehead!), but it's supposed to help moisturize and soften. In the end, even if it's a little messier than my usual stuff, I'm really enjoying how my face feels! I don't feel like my face is ever too oily or dry--but that's just my experience! Also, I like knowing what exactly I'm smothering my face with and like how cost-friendly (aka ridiculously cheap!) it is :)

Now, time for the link-up! Last week was a bit of a slow start, but I'm going to keep it up and encourage you to link-up, share, and enjoy finding/creating the simple!

If you are interested in diy cleaning, I'd encourage you to visit Whatever the Circumstances and learn more about simple green cleaning :)

Don't forget to use the #savorthesimple hashtag in Instagram to share your inspiration + simplicity :) I might just share them on next weeks post!!

Here are some little guidelines for the link-up:
1. I'd love for you to share that you're linking up with me today. You can grab the little button down there or just include a link.
2. Please only link projects/ideas/inspirational posts that have the theme of simplicity. In other words: no Julia Child recipes please :)

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